Friday, May 25, 2012

Fern ring

Two-finger fern ring.

Purchased at Forever VII in New York with Bekah, 2011.


Counter-clockwise from top:

Purchased in Thailand
Gift from John G, from Edinburgh
Purchased in Mexico
Gift from Chelsea from Bolivia

Leaf earrings

Dangly leaf earrings.

Gift from Leah and Tina, from Bosnia.


Paper clay guardian.

Won from Jenclair at A Garden Carried in the Pocket.

'e' necklace

Letter 'e' necklace.

Gift from Leah and Tina, birthday 2012.

Grandma's tea cups

Grandma Plett's tea cups.

Acquired 2011.

Reading Rat

Reading Rat.

Gift from mom and dad, some time in the 80s.

Be-wigged Skeleton poster

A skeleton...wearing a wig...holding a pet skeleton. I mean, right?

Purchased from A Cagey Bee at Make It, Vancouver craft fair.

Reading is Fun! poster

Reading is Fun! poster.

Gift from Joel (who purchased it from the Chilliwack library for an exorbitant price) for birthday, 2007.